Frequently Asked Questions About Peeling Auto Body Paint

Peeling auto body paint is a problem for your car. It can lower the value of your car, and worse, it can lead to rust forming on your car. But many car owners do not know much about peeling paint. They don't know why paint peels, how to prevent it or what to do if the paint on their car begins to peel. Here are a few of the frequently asked questions you may have about peeling auto body paint and the answers. 

Why Causes Auto Body Paint to Peel? 

There are two main reasons why auto body paint begins to peel. The first reason is that the paint is damaged due to a scratch, ding or dent. The second reason auto body paint begins to peel is that it the surface it was applied to was not properly prepped and primed. This is not typically an issue with new cars, as manufacturers make sure their metal is primed to paint. This is typically an issue that develops if you have your car painted down the road, such as following a car accident. 

How Can You Prevent Auto Body Paint From Peeling? 

One of the best ways to prevent your auto body paint from peeling due to poor prep and priming is to use a licensed and qualified auto body shop and/or auto body paint shop when you need to have your car painted. Always read reviews and get recommendations before hiring a company. Past clients will be able to tell you if their paint job has held up or whether it has begun to peel. 

The other way you can prevent auto body paint from peeling is always to inspect the paint job of your car. If there are small nicks in the paint or scratches that affect the paint, you can purchase paint sealers that are applied much like nail polish is over the affected area. This helps to seal off the area and prevent further peeling. 

What Should You Do If Your Auto Body Paint Begins to Peel? 

If the paint on your car has already begun to affect multiple spots or a wide array of your car, you will need professional help. Contact an auto body shop to determine the best way to treat your car. In some cases, touch-up painting may be the best way to deal with peeling paint. In other cases, the paint may need to be sanded away, and your car may need a new paint job.

Knowing about peeling auto body paint can help you to better understand why it happens, what you can do to prevent it and what you should do if you notice it. If you have peeling auto body paint on your car, bring your car to an auto body shop to have the paint touched up and sealed. 

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