Troubleshooting Vehicle Shaking Problems

Is your car shaking when you drive? Whether it's a noticeable vibration on all roads or a violent shudder, you could be doing some serious damage to your vehicle and speeding along to an expensive repair if it fails critically. Here are a few diagnostic points to help you figure out what the problem might be, and to get an idea of what mechanics may suggest:

Tire Problems

The first place to check for any mystery shakes would be the tires. Whether it's a flat or a knot in the tire, any substantial change in the tire's shape can lead to noticeable vibrations no matter what kind of road you're on.

When a tire loses pressure and begins flattening, you're dealing with a tire that creases itself and becoming like a lumpy set of soft corners. There is some resistance as the tire slightly creases itself while rolling, and enough creasing can eventually tear the tire apart. A mechanic can search for leaks if it's a new tire, trade in a tire that has a warranty, or sell you a new tire.

Another problem could separation of the treads, which is harder to see at first glance. Many of the tire separation issues are located around the center of the tire, so you'll need to look beneath the car or at least into the fender area to find any splits or breaks that don't match the rest of the tire treads.

Separation can lead to bulging areas that cause even more vibration, and can eventually split apart into a violent tire blowout. Because of the nature of the damage, you're in for significant rim damage if this doesn't cause a wreck.

If you notice a tire problem, contact an auto repair professional before driving too much further.

Auto Body Damage And Vibration

A vehicle's auto body is designed to move forward or "cut" through the air as efficiently as possible. When you mess with that design, you could end up with some unplanned movement and a lot of shaking.

Certain types of dents and damage could act like parachutes, catching the air as you move and pulling the auto body away from the car. When the damage is small enough, this will simply make the vehicle shake in some places rather than coming off completely. 

Any form of damage that catches air and resists movement will end up as some kind of gas money lost. The engine has to work harder to move forward at the same speed. Take your vehicle to an auto repair company like Terwood Auto Repair before these costs add up, or before bigger damage pulls away from the vehicle completely.

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